Conference speakers

Opening plenary speaker:  Suzanne Rastrick, Allied Health Professions Officer, NHS England

Suzanne Rastrick is an inspirational occupational therapist and we are delighted that she will be opening the 2019 RCOT Annual Conference. She is well known in health and social care and firmly believes it is her occupational therapy skills that have steered her to her current position of the most senior allied health professional in the country.

Closing plenary speaker: Philip Allen

I’m not feeling myself today …… but a change is as good as a rest!

Philip Allen is a former solicitor and up until 2010 was a senior, in-house adviser in a global law firm. His work was pan-jurisdictional and involved extensive overseas travel.

Philip had also been a university lecturer, and had taken on, at times, leadership roles in postgraduate courses for aspiring solicitors and barristers.

In 2010 he was seriously injured sustaining among other things, a major brain injury. As a result Philip is unable to undertake paid employment and his current vocational activity is part time voluntary work for a charity.

Philip says: As a severely brain injured individual, I have found that engaging in meaningful occupation is fundamental to my, growing, emotional wellbeing. In particular, it is leading to an increased sense of self-worth, coupled with a gradual coming to terms with my newfound status.

Formal and informal motivation and facilitation, has been, and continues to be invaluable. I owe thanks to members of your profession for your help in providing this, and feel that I owe something in return. I am unable to provide a great deal, but relish the prospect of giving what I can – namely, talking to you!


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