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Conversations make a difference. A considered two-way exchange of views can be constructive, creative and generate new avenue of thoughts. The other thing about conversation is that it is an unique one-off experience… it cannot be repeated or replicated.

So as a delegate of the 42nd RCOT Annual Conference in Belfast, you are invited to have a conversation with a number of eminent leaders and some of our keynote speakers between 7.50 – 8.50 on Tuesday 12 June.

This session was run for the first time at last year’s conference and was very warmly received by delegates. Feedback included the session was inspiring, energetic and fun. With conversations flowing, you will be privileged to hear insights from the hosts and share your thoughts. We will be announcing who our hosts for this session will be in the near future. Only 60 places will be available, and only registered delegates will be able to take part.

You will be informed on how to register for this session, so keep an eye out for announcements in the conference newsletter, Facebook, Twitter or on COT website from May onwards.

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